Dear friends,

We are thrilled to let you know, that we are planning to continue our leadership program in Kyrgyzstan in the summer.

Process-oriented Leadership or Worldwork, is a special leadership methodology that assists leaders to motivate their teams, and to make their organizations more efficient and vibrant, by the use of all of the talents and directions that exist within individuals and teams. It has a strong focus on the psychological experience of the leader and provides inner work tools to remain centered and flexible, even in moments of crises. It specializes in using metaphors from quantum physics, and combining them with process-oriented psychology, which focuses on the flow of deep motivation in individuals and groups.

It is a cutting-edge leadership technology that goes far beyond the conventional leadership methods that are being taught in today’s business schools. It can support and even deepen existing traditions and customs, while allowing and supporting inherent change. If your organization has members that are interested in learning and experimenting with new methods that include the psychological processes of individuals and teams, please inform them about this opportunity.