DDI Central Asia Mission

We hold the vision that the worldwide development of diverse and explicit leadership cultures and leadership disciplines is one of the key elements for sustainable local and global development.

The vision of the DDI Central Asia is to create training programs that provide useful skills on that path, and help to develop an international learning and leadership community in which we meet our participants in Central Asia as much as teachers of their perspectives and stewards of their future, as learners of Worldwork competencies. 

Process Oriented Leadership presents a global model that frames organizational change and development as a holographic aspect of collective awareness and transformation on all levels of society, on one hand, and individual awareness and transformation on the other. Collective transformation and individual leadership development is one complex system that must be addressed on all levels for sustainable change.  

Process-work includes personal empowerment, socio-economic development, community building, conflict management on all levels, and the development of multi-dimensional leadership. 

Leadership development is a key component of sustainable development and stability globally. This perspective applies not only to Kazakhstan and other countries in Central Asia: it parallels advances in organizational leadership in Washington, Berlin, Portland, Sydney, Warsaw, Sierra Leone, Moscow and other cities. Organizational concepts are changing in the business world and other sectors of society. Leadership is no longer viewed as a static framework in which one person dictates the actions of the organization. It is a complex collaborative process that requires well trained, adaptive, and skilled individuals throughout the organization. Coaching and entrepreneurial skills are important aspects of developing creative social, business, and political solutions that can lead the way towards psychologically, emotionally, and politically sustainable development.

Through participation in this program, participants will gain additional skills for life and career enhancement and for completing projects and goals. The training will also assist in the development of a cutting edge, skill based, self-empowered leadership culture throughout the entire strata of society by providing leadership tools for professional and economic development with a wide range of applications from family systems to business units and NGOs. 

The Project is sponsored by the process-work international thinktank that conducts leadership and facilitation trainings worldwide.

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