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Worldwork and Process Work in Organizations

Schupbach, M. (2004). Lights On! USB Agenda, June. PDF >> 

Schupbach, M. (2004) Worldwork in the Corporate World: A Case Description: Europe and Carribeans, Change Management in a Global 500 Company. PDF >>

Schupbach, M. (2004) Who is the Culprit: Organizational Development in a Prison. PDF >> 

Schupbach, M. (2004) Worldwork in Town Meetings: A Case Description: Punks, Businesspeople, Police, Residents & Addicts in an Open Forum in Zurich, Switzerland. PDF >>

Schupbach, M. (2004) Worldwork in Organizations: An Introduction and Three Case Studies. PDF >>

Schupbach, M. (2010) Personal Development. PDF >>

Schupbach, M. (2010) Worldwork Methodology. PDF >>

Schupbach, M. (2010) Evolutionary Leadership, Strategy, September. PDF >> 

Schupbach, M. (2010) Conflict Resolution Beyond Logic: When Strategy Doesn't Work, Company Management, December. PDF >>

Schupbach, M. (2011) Dreams Come True: Leadership as a Lifestyle, Kadrovyi Management, January. PDF >>

Schupbach, M. (2011) In a Source of a Business River, Dorogoy magazine, February. PDF >>

Schupbach, M. (2011) Three-Dimensional Reality, Svoi Business, January. PDF >>

Schupbach, M. (2011) Worldwork as an Overarching Approach, Business newspaper, April. PDF >>

Schupbach, Max, “Ost- und Westdeutsche in Berlin einige Jahre nach dem Mauerfall, Ossies und Wessies in einem Worldwork Gruppenprozess” 329-340, in "Das Mögliche Verwirklichen, Perspektiven Humanistischer Psychologie". Mühleisen Hans-Otto (Hg.), Kreuz Verlag, Freiburg im Breisgau, 2013

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