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Strategy Magazine, September 2010, Interview with Max Schupbach: Evolutionary Leadership. PDF [Russian]

Company Management Magazine, December 2010, Interview with Max Schupbach: Conflict Resolution Beyond Logic: When Strategy Doesn't Work. PDF [Russian]

Kadrovyi Management Magazine, January 2011, Interview with Max Schupbach: Dreams Come True: Leadership as a Lifestyle. PDF [Russian]

Svoi Business Magazine, January 2011, Interview with Max Schupbach: Three-Dimensional Reality. PDF [Russian]

Dorogoy Magazine, February 2011, Interview with Max Schupbach: In a Source of Business River. PDF [Russian]  

BUSINESS Newspaper, April 2011, Interview with Max Schupbach: World Work as an Overarching Approach. PDF [Russian]

JV (Live) online portal, April 2011, Review of the DDI Russia and Its Team. Link [Russian]

JV (Live) online portal, April 2011, Article: Process-oriented Coaching with a Human Face. Link [Russian]

BUSINESS Newspaper, April 2011, Video-report based on Business Cockpit meeting with Max and Ellen Schupbach in Kyiv. 14min video [English and Russian]